Venue Highlight Series: Buena Vista

If you love old South Plantation glory, then you’ll love today’s venue highlight!

Buena Vista Plantation Home is a beautiful home built in 1822.  It has the big trees, gorgeous lawn, and Greek Revival architecture that makes you hear the Gone With the Wind theme song when you see it!

buena vista


  • Getting married outside in front of the mansion offers many possibilites and who wouldn’t want this for a backdrop!?
  • Not that far from Montgomery, prattville hotels, etc.
  • The rental price is reasonable.
  • This could be THE perfect venue for a smaller wedding.  Love it!


  • Like most Antebellum homes, the interior is broken up into many smaller rooms.  This makes it hard to have a reception space large enough to hold many guests in one room.  However, you could always serve a bar and buffet inside and have people sitting outside.  If you plan to have more than 50-100 people I suggest booking this in the spring or fall.  And pray it doesn’t rain:)

Up next week: Ozan Vineyard in Calera, AL



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