Venue Highlight Series: Ozan Vineyard-Calera, AL

Do you dream of a romantic wedding, outside, surrounded by greenery and clusters of juicy grapes?

Have an OZAN Vineyard Wedding!




I actually discovered Ozan on a date with my husband up to Calera for a wine tasting.  It was a beautiful venue which they were renovating at the time to provide for more space and wine tours.  It looked like a bit of Napa Wine country right here in Alabama!  About 45-55 minutes north of Montgomery, this place is amazing!  So here’s my take on it:


  • This place is unique.  Vineyard weddings don’t happen alot in Alabama so that’s a PRO point in my book.  I love things are a bit different.
  • Not too far from Montgomery and very near the interstate.
  • Good prices.  For an afternoon event their prices start at just $100!!!!!  For a wedding of 100 on a weekend it costs $1950.  That includes tables and chairs.
  • Ozan provides wine and favors and you can have them custom print labels for your wine bottles.  They also have souvenir glasses for purchase.  How cool!
  • The staff is SUPER nice and friendly here.
  • There is a wine Train that you can book as well.   The train holds 300 guests.
  • Their Chilton County Peach wine is the best wine I have ever tasted in my life!!!


  • Don’t trust google maps on this one…we got WAY lost.  This can be solved by including a printed map in your invitation, but it’s an extra step and piece of paper.
  • Ozan does not have capactiy for weddings over 125 persons.
  • There are a few covered areas, but no one room large enough at this time to hold an entire reception of more than 75 people.  You are at the mercy of the weather.  But I would say it’s worth the risk for getting married in a vineyard!

Ozan is soon to be one of my FAVORITE venues.  For all of the above reasons.  If you are considering a small, high quality wedding you should really check them out.

Next time: Russell Lands Stable


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