Let Love Light the Way: A Sleepy Hollow Stylized Shoot

The magazine release for the RSVP bridal issue happens tomorrow! I’m so excited about the release party and getting to see what our hard work for the Sleepy Hollow themed stylized shoot will look like.

I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was crazy when I first mentioned doing a “Sleepy Hollow” wedding themed shoot! It’s so weird and different and I think most people thought it would be tasteless and creepy. From the start, I was adamant that I wanted it to be different, but tasteful and something that people would look at and go “Hey! That’s such a neat idea! That’s really beautiful!” My two rules were: (1) Normal makeup and (2) Fog!

Our venue choices were the Old Alabama Town Chapel in downtown Montgomery, AL. I got a special treat when they showed me that there is also a carriage house…with a carriage inside! Oh yes!

For the mock reception, we chose Hampstead farms because of all the giant oaks and spanish moss.

We incorporated alot of solid color patterns: red, white, black, as well as brown from the branches and old woods we used. I wanted to pay homage to the black and white striped dress from the Sleepy Hollow movie so we tied in subtle hints of that in the bouquet ribbon and table runner.

I did not know this when I chose the theme, but last fall, a new TV Show started called…”Sleepy Hollow”! Perfect timing for me! I got some good inspiration every week from that:)

The shadow picture is proabably one of my favorites, however awkward and uncomfortable it may have been for my models. I wanted the subtle presence of a groom, and I love that it came out all ghost-y and zombie-like. The doughnuts were a fun touch (actually thought up by my friend Crystal) because doughnuts are hollow. Haha! We ended up making a printout that said “Follow me…where the doughnuts are hollow and the hollows are sleepy”. I love little touches like that. Beauty is in the details.


Florals were done by Flowers By Amanda (Amanda Rylant)


Milk and Doughnuts


Paper goods were contributed by High Cotton Paperie


Probably my favorite photo from the entire shoot and our header for the magazine spread.  Photography by Denise Edge of Honey B Photography


Averi’s hair was styled by Amber Herron at Elegant Styles.

IMG_8490 copy

Exceptional style and violin mastery by Elizabeth Kirk


A quiet moment.  I wanted the feel for this shoot to be intense, quiet, thoughtful.  Our model Averi Abercrombie pulled off every moment perfectly.


Stepping out of the carriage.  FOG!  Thanks to Stephen Taunton of Taunton productions for the effects–lighting and fog!






Brendle Rentals contributed the red pipe and drape as well as other props used.  I loved the use of candles and natural light for the ceremony.


Amanda provided two different bouquets.  Both were stunning!


Book roses are such a nice touch!



These ancient pews were screaming “Photograph me!” The whole time.  I really have never seen more beautiful pews!


Lantern in the woods.




Cake Design by Gwen Massey at ASE cakes and Catering.  She did a terrific job.  Loved the positioning on a barrel out under the trees in the sunset.  Spanish Moss!


Weird and wonderful.  We pulled it off well, don’t you think?  Don’t forget to pick up the 2014 Bridal Issue of RSVP Montgomery!


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