Five Reasons You Should Attend A Bridal Show

I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, but I had never been to a bridal show until 2011…after I started my business.  I went to one in Birmingham with a friend who was getting married.  It was delightful.

When I got married in 2006 the thought of going to bridal show didn’t really cross my mind because to  be honest…I didn’t really know what one would be like.  No, my wedding was not ruined because I missed out.  I was a girl who knew what I wanted and maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference.  At the end of the day I said “I do” and I have beautiful memories of that perfect day.

However, if someone had told me how awesome they were I probably would have gone.  So…I have 5 reasons all my brides (and grooms) know why you should attend at least one bridal show before you get married.

1. You will feel more confident in your choice of vendors.    You may think you have everything figured out, picked out, and squared away, but what if at a bridal show you tasted some devilishly delicious cake that changed your mind and made you rethink everything you thought was true in this world!?  Okay, it probably won’t be that dramatic, but it is a good idea to know what your options are.  Many times, a bride isn’t even aware of how many choices she has.  You may decide to stick with your first choices, but I guarantee you will be more confident in your decisions after you attend a bridal show.

2.  Prizes!  Free stuff.  WINNING!  Giveaways!  Many bridal shows offer free services from vendors.  The larger ones will often giveaway honeymoon trips.  Not to mention there are food samples coming at you from all angles and literally jumping into your mouth!  Need I say more?

3.  You will feel incredibly special.  Bridal shows are all about the bride.  From the photographers to fashion shows–every vendor is out to please you and make you want what they have to offer.  Wedding vendors are an incredibly happy and peppy bunch…we spend our days making the most of the best day of your life so…it’s kind hard not to be.  The energy at these bridal shows is incomparable and may be just what you need to slough off some planning stress.  And its cheaper than a massage;)

4.   It is a bonding experience.  Never ever come to one of these alone.  Bring your mom, the groom, your fiance’s mom, your maid of honor, your sister–make it a big deal.  It’s such a fun experience you will definately want to share it with someone!

5.  It’s inexpensive.  Most tickets are less than $10 and it is so worth it.  You really need to go to one.  Or two.

If you are looking for a WONDERFUL bridal show to attend, check out the Southern Bridal Faire!  Antebellum Aisles will have a  booth there!



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