2014 Southern Bridal Faire: The post-blog

Well, this year’s bridal show has come and gone. In alot of ways it’s like planning a real wedding–days and months of work preparing = over in four hours. But it is fun every time and every time I get to meet new brides who are beaming with excitement. That makes it all worth it. Not to mention I met some great new vendors this year.

I thought the runway show was better last year (I couldn’t see this year because it was on the ground level.) The dresses I could see were beautiful–provided by Hoover based store Bustle Gowns I liked that many of them were pretty different from what I normally see. And we all know how much I love “different”.

I booked a ton of consultations from this year’s show and I’m so excited for every one I get to meet with! Every bride’s story is so unique. They all have their own personalities and I want to capture that in their wedding day so badly. Audrey HepburnThis year, the Antebellum Aisles booth went “Something Blue” with a Rustic take on Tiffany’s.  I felt like we pulled it off pretty well.

Bride gifts-“Something Blue” spatulas

Me and my booth!

Notice the mailbox?

Notice the mailbox?

Rustic Tiffany's bridal Show Backdrop

Tiffany’s boxes on Shepherd’s hooks for aisle markers!

Another Bridal Show under wraps.  Planning for next year already!


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