Venue Highlight Series: Union Station and the Train Shed

Looking for a fun vintage place to tie the knot?  Union station and train shed in downtown Montgomery is a good choice!Station

Vintage photos on the train?  Yes, please!

Vintage photos on the train? Yes, please!


The train shed itself is HUGE!  No need to worry about cutting your guest count for this party…you could invite everyone you ever met and still have room.  The nice thing is that, the overwhelming station lends itself to be easily broken up into multiple “rooms” by simply slicing up your space with some good old fashioned pipe and drape.  You could have the ceremony in one section, the dancing in another section, reception in another section…possibilites are endless!  AND the super cool vintage yellow train is just a fun decoration for any get-together!

Union Station is a beautiful sight to behold with vintage tile and wood carved banisters lining the central floor.  I’ll be working a wedding here in June, so this place is one of my favorites because of the many many possibilities with decorating.  Rental price for Union station is between $800-$1,000

The two buildings are rented from different owners so the rental prices are separate and subject to change.


  • Like I said…the train shed is HUGE and versatile.  You could easily plan your ceremony AND reception here–rent just this building for $1500
  • Downtown Montgomery–Easy to get to.
  • Beautiful view of the Alabama River


  • The lights in the train shed are too bright meaning that an outside lighting specialist has to come in and rig your lighting–not necessarily a bad thing, but can add to the expense.
  • The Union Station Welcome center isn’t that big and there’s a large desk in the center that cannot be moved.  It can be easily decorated, but takes up valuable space.  This room comfortably seats 80-150? people.
  • The shed is outdoor–again not a bad thing per se, but obviously there is no A/C
  • If you use the entire Shed, then your guests will need to park elsewhere–downtown parking can be tricky, but on a weekend evening it wouldn’t be that bad.
  • CSX trains says that they aren’t allowed to release the train schedules due to national security so…you could have a train blowing its horn come through at any time…would make your wedding more memorable, though, right?

Overall I Love the potential that this place has if you are willing to shell out some dough on good lighting, pipe and drape, and decorations…maybe even a valet service.  This place has vintage written all over it!

Next week: Buena Vista Plantation Home!


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