5 totally off-the-wall crazy wedding themes that would actually be good!

I love to throw parties and I love a good theme. For example, check out the parties I have thrown in the past couple of years alone:

~virtual CLUE based off the board game
~redneck (that was easy)
~Star Wars vs. Star Trek
~movie characters

So…I like themes just a little bit. Even if it’s just a color palette I will find some way to turn that bad boy into a theme. I know there are others like me out there so it is for you “themers” of the world that I write this post. So you want to keep your wedding classy and elegant while infusing it with your personality and “theme” right? Don’t know where to get started? That’s ok. Here are a few crazy ideas to get the wheels turning.


I saw this photographer’s photos of this galaxy themed wedding I think I literally said out loud…”why didn’t I think of that?!?” this is genius. 20131115-201112.jpg 20131115-201124.jpg 20131115-201131.jpg 20131115-201141.jpg 20131115-201149.jpg 20131115-201154.jpg 20131115-201202.jpg

Oh my…is there anything about that you don’t just LOVE!?!?!?


You have to stretch your brain on this one because to date I haven’t actually seen this theme pulled off. Retro futurism is taking what people back in the 40s,50s, and 60s thought the future would look like and incorporating that into your theme. Think “world of tomorrow”. I actually sit around hoping someone will ask me to do this one day. The decor would include classic movie posters and photos like this: 20131115-202002.jpg 20131115-202009.jpg</ 20131117-132605.jpg

A good color scheme is important. I like this:


Bride’s makeup:


I think this theme would work best in an abandoned warehouse…somewhere with industrial elements where you can pull off the magical balance of vintage, future, and elegance. Those popular acrylic chairs hanging from the ceiling would be a must. I would have so much fun with this!


This has been done and oh, so well! I love the endless possibilities with this theme! A beautiful mixture of magic and retro, the wizard of oz lends itself to so many bright colors and I love that! I have pulled up a couple of great links to this theme.

This couple went all out! And their cat looks just like mine. Weird.

And this girl had the cutest garter and subtle hints of Dorothy.

I love this for a bridesmaid dress. I always love to see dresses that compliment a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and heights. This one does that well. Everyone who knows me well knows that green is my FAVORITE color and I just love to throw it into a wedding when it works so well. My top choice: 20131117-182210.jpg

I love the idea of having baskets like this and filling them with fresh cherries, baguettes, biscuits and homemade jam plus maybe a splash of wheat. 20131117-184745.jpg Cute idea for a wedding dress. Show off those ruby red slippers with this:


Love the wheat aisle markers:


You could implement so many fun elements here: sunflowers, wheat, monkeys, blue gingham, red, bright rainbows and candies! Don’t forget about the getaway: 20131117-185034.jpg

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, toto!”


I came up with thisidea for a stylized shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. All the photos aren’t in yet, but I had to include it anyway. I LOVED working with this theme so much. It was fun…just the right balance of dark and happy:)

20131117-190138.jpg 20131117-190145.jpg 20131117-190155.jpg 20131117-190213.jpg 20131117-190219.jpg 20131117-190226.jpg All but a couple of these photos are from Denise Edge over at Honey B Photography. With this theme, it was important to mix colonial elements with modern, dark with light, creepy with tasteful. To me it was all about finding that difference. I wanted everyone to see this photos and think “that’s so weird, but that girl looks so beautiful!” Not…”wow that’s just….creepy”. And i loved how it turned out. We did some shots at an old church, used an old carriage house, and shot some photos under Spanish moss. More photos to come I promise! For the tablescape we used a black and white striped runner trimmed with lace on the ends. Old library card catalogs were used to hold the milk and “hollow doughnuts”. We used vintage china plates and lit the area with very simple lightbulb so hanging from the tree. A carriage would be a must for this wedding. Lots of candles and black and white striped elements. This was so fun and I would love the chance to carry this theme into a full wedding!


Say what? I know. You’re wondering where the classy is. Just listen. How about this bouquet? I have been looking for a theme to put it with since I saw this on Pinterest over a year ago. 20131117-191924.jpg

This website has a super elegant classy tron inspired wedding. I’m in love. I really want to this…but obviously with more lights and stuff!!!

Look! There’s even an adorable wedding band. Yes, please! 20131117-192048.jpg 20131117-192143.jpg 20131117-192156.jpg 20131117-192202.jpg

See? Aren’t themes fun? I have a Marie Antoinette wedding coming up in the spring that I am just giddy about! I can not wait to have photos of THAT to add to my theme collection! What are some other good wedding themes?


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