The Importance of Wedding Photography


Photo can be foud here.

Our ability to capture memories on film is a relatively recent phenomenon of wedding history.  Artists used to be commisioned to preserve some memories of a wealthy matrimony, but for the most part, weddings just happened.  Then they were over and you did your best to try to remember that day.  If the wedding days pre-1900 were nearly as hectic as ours today, you may have been left with the feeling that you experienced your day on “fast forward” and then it was gone.

The next big leap in preserving memories was video.  Now you can remember the sounds and songs of that day and watch yourself cry at the alter over and over again.

Now there is pinterest.  Never before have couples had the ability to control every detail of their wedding.  With each step comes a blessing and an opportunity to be overwhelmed.  On pinterest, you can choose specific shots you want to try to get from a photographer.  You can see what’s trendy and look for things that aren’t.  You have the ability to design the entire feel of your wedding on a phone.

So the bottom line is that you are entrusting all of your emotions to someone or a group of media professionals who will be in charge of capturing this “once in a lifetime” event.  They have one day.  One shot at this.  You will worry “Will I look the way I want to look?”, “Will they deliver on their promises?”  “Will they get every shot I asked for?”

You want someone you can trust with your memories.  You want someone who will deliver unique moments that capture the new family you have created, while infusing classic elements and style into every picture.

Photography is at the top of my list when it comes to expenses. If you can only afford to get married at the courthouse with your Publix Bouquet and your old prom dress…get a good photographer and you’ll love your wedding forever. Over time you forget about all the things you couldn’t have–but make sure you are able to remember what you DO have…LOVE.


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