Rubiks and I


Thank you, Spindle Photography for the use of this photo.

This month, I got to be a part of a really neat event in Birmingham–The 2013 P.E.W.S. Decorating competition hosted by Rebecca Hassee of P.E.W.S.

Vendors from the area came together for avdistinctly different kind of bridal show–one based on competition and showing brides what we can do.  This event was so FUN!  Months ago, I signed up for the competition.  I had to choose 2 themes that I would be interested in doing and include that info in my application.  I really hadn’t even thought about it so I stared at the screen for a few minutes.  Most of my weddings of late have been rustic/vintage/Old South–pretty much what every other planner is working with right now.  It was like 10 p.m. ok?  I put “Rubiks cube”–before I even did the research.

This photo ALMOST captures the prisms in action. It was way cooler in person!

I wanted to be different!  I know…”different” and borderline “crazy” are often hard to distinguish.  But, I really craved to create a pew that would stand out…something that hasn’t been done before and something you WON’T find on Pinterest (well, actually, now you will because I’m pinning my photos of course).  I also had to plan something that wasn’t going to empty my bank account!  So Rubiks and I became friends and I stepped up to the challenge.


Sand Art…felt like a kid doing this:)

Sand art was a given as soon as I started thinking about a multi-colored pattern.  I spray painted branches metallic silver and white, did my sand art on location, and filled the top with mirror pieces.  Then I hung prisms of different shapes and rubiks cubes with fish string.  I borrowed 2 amazing barstools from a friend and…voila!  Rubiks cube pew markers.


This photo taken by Spindle Photography

Of course, in my own mind I had to come up with an entire wedding surrounding this theme so I also created a mock wedding program that was rainbow themed and included songs like “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and “Colour My World.”


Close up of Rubiks Cube

I did not win the competition, but that wasn’t even really my goal.  I was very pleased with how my pew turned out and it was fun to watch from a distance the other vendors and brides say “Wow…I’ve never seen that before!  How cool!”  I really enjoyed standing out a little and proving to myself that while I do LOVE vintage/rustic styles, I’m capable of thinking “outside the cube”:)  I loved this theme!


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