Football vs. Wedding: Game ON!!


Finish the sentence: “I live in Alabama and at the end of June, the weather is________.” Comfortable? Pleasant? Cool? No!!!! It’s like part of hades escaped and married a giant water droplet…with the intention of torturing every living soul who dares to leave the comfort of their A/C. The humidity mocks us until what? Like September? October sometimes?

So I had to ask myself…why don’t more people get married in the fall? Fall here is fairly pleasant and when the leaves turn colors it’s beautiful outdoors! Winter is great here…while it does get colder than you might think, people can always wear more clothes, right?

Then I mentioned a fall wedding to a friend of mine who gave me that “you must have lost your mind!” Stare before answering. “Well….it’s football season!!!!!!!!!!!”

Of course. I do forget that sometimes. And even if the bride and groom by some miracle were not football fans (which is really just hypothetical) their guests wouldn’t come to support them so they still would likely not plan their event on a Saturday in the fall. There are a few weekends where the schedules might allow a few hours when neither the Tigers nor the Crimson Tide are battling for the pigskin, but those weeks are few and far between.

Lest I sound like a hater, hear me out. I used to be a hater. I must confess I am not a native Alabamian. I didn’t grow up rearranging my schedule to yell at men I have never met to catch a ball and then feel sincerely let down when they failed to listen to me. While I lived in Texas, my family watched the Cowboys on occasion, but it was not a religion to us.

And then it happened. I fell madly in love with a Nebraska Husker fan. If you “roll tiders” and “war eaglers” think you have a monopoly on fandom, then you obviously have never met a “Go Big Redder”. Think about it—Nebraska has ONE football team. And that is all. Need I say more?

There are certain unwritten rules I must follow when we go back to visit. I must wear red on Saturday. I must copy the cheers and woes I hear from the rest of the family (because I normally have no idea what just happened) if I go to the store during a football game( which is great cuz they’re empty) I must listen to it over the speakers in said store and be patient while I wait for the cashier’s attention to come back from whatever’s happening at Memorial Stadium. It used to feel like I was the only sane person in a sea of red maniacs!

That was how I felt seven years ago. Now, the background noise of a game has filled my Saturdays and I can’t imagine what September would be like without it. I love the look on my husband’s face when he says “one more week till football season!” and he’s as giddy as a kid waiting for Santa Claus. I love watching our daughter get all excited about a game because she wants to be like her daddy and yell “touchdown!” I REALLY like making football food;)

So I’m starting to get it. I’m almost a believer. I find watching football fun and enjoyable now but…do you think a game that can be TiVoed should take precedence over a man and woman uniting in marriage? It would seem to be that because of the cool weather, fall and spring would be the optimal times to get married, but maybe I am the crazy one. I haven’t completely ruled out that possibility;)

Let me know your thoughts on this one!


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