Venue Highlight Series: Wynlakes Clubhouse


Wynlakes Golf Club

The Wynlakes golf club is a premier wedding venue choice in East Montgomery.  It has TONS to offer and exudes a sense of ritzy Southern style.  Complete with its own amazing chef and restaurant, this venue is a favorite of mine.  Here’s my take on it:


  • You all know that I love a good rain-out plan.  Wynlakes has the space to accommodate a wedding AND reception fully indoors if needed.  Venues that can offer that are few and far between.  So if you shudder to take risks this may be the place for you!
  • The beautiful courtyard area outside can hold up to 400 people for a wedding or reception.
  • The indoor space can hold 400 people, 250 seated including a dance floor.  If you rent the ballroom, the dance floor, table and chairs are included, and there is no actual charge for the space.  They do charge a minimun amount for your food and beverages which must be catered through wynlakes.
  • Located on Vaughn Road in East Montgomery, Wynlakes is not too far from anything.  Your Montgomery guests won’t have far to drive!
  • Very Picturesque.  Indoor and out.


  • In order to rent the clubhouse you must be a member of the Wynlakes Country Club or have a member sponsor.  This is not necessarily a con, but it does limit you in your venue choices if you don’t have a sponsor.
  • Catering is limited to Wynlakes only, however, the caterer here is VERY good so its really not so bad:)

If the theme of your wedding is something along the lines of “Rich Garden Party” I HIGHLY recommend that you look further than Wynlakes…after you find that sponsor;)

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