Venue Highlight Series: Russell Lands Stable

Have your heart set on saying “I Do” surrounded by Southern rustic charm? Russell Lands Stable on Lake Martin may be the place you’ve been looking for!  Offering the perfect marriage between country and class, Russell Lands Stable is a Bride’s paradise!  They offer many venue options including a lodge, Spring House, and a Market.  But the “barn” is my favorite by far!!!

RL Stable


  • Um….Look at this place.  It’s amazing!
  • The Stable holds 200 seated, 400 standing.  This covers most weddings so it’s a good size.  Plus you have the outdoor room you see here.
  • Tables, Chairs, pews, benches, built in bar, and parking attendent provided in cost.
  • On Site Catering available.
  • Yall know I love venues with options in case of rain.  This one has got plenty of back up for you!


  • Pricey!  $3500-$5000.  But you get what you pay for:)
  • 50 miles from Montgomery.  Over an hour of driving–not too bad, but for guests headed back to town it may keep you from having a party that runs too late.

So there’s my take on the Russell Lands Stable.  Overall I highly highly recommend this venue. I have heard fantastic things about their staff, and with natural scenery like that, who needs to decorate much!?  If I had a nickel for everytime I told my husband I wish we could get married all over again….

Next Week: Wynlakes Country Club


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