Venue Highlight Series: The Waters

The Waters Chapel Hill Meeting House

The Waters Chapel Hill Meeting House

20+ minutes from East of Montgomery is a gorgeous community known as The Waters.  It is truly an escape from the norm.  Large trees line the picturesque rows of perfect little houses.  This community has it’s own “town square”, cafes, and even a Y’s up!  The whole place feels like vintage but is all new!  Chapel Hill is the perfect place to get married!


AND–The Boathouse is a fantastic place for your reception!  This isn’t the best shot of it, but I got it off their website and I didn’t want to infringe on another photographer’s photos so…this is what I have!  I sure wish I had taken more photos last time I was out there!!!

When this place is lighted up at night is GOR. Geous.  So here’s my take on the Waters:


  • The Chapel is new, has AC and lots of outlets in the “getting ready” room.  Wood floors, high ceilings, and giant windows make this the most perfect “classic wedding chapel” I have ever seen.  Very nice chairs come with it.
  • Plenty of parking!
  • So gorgeous you don’t even have to decorate very much!
  • 250 very nice brown wooden padded chairs come with t he rental.
  • The boathouse is on the water (duh) and makes for some very very pretty pictures.  Room to dance and have a band.


  • The boat house is not fully enclosed.  It is partially, but in a heavy storm you would NOT want to have your reception here.  They used to allow tents on the point, but I’ve heard that is not an option anymore so if it was going to rain there’s nowhere else on the grounds that really works for your reception so you would need to have a really stellar backup plan.
  • This venue is more costly than some of the other ones.  For both the chapel and the boathouse you will pay $4,000.  The chapel is $2500 and the marina is $1500 with a small discount if you live in the waters or know someone who will “sponsor” you. The buildings are so beautiful that you wouldn’t have to decorate alot, but still–that’s alot of $$$.
  • The chapel will comfortable accomodate about 150-200 people.  To me, that is a great size for a wedding because it is large yet intimate.  If you have more guests than that then this would not work.

I absolutely LOVE the Waters.  I have not worked a wedding here yet, but I cannot wait for the day that someone calls me and wants me to!  Everything about this place is picture-perfect.  So if you are looking at booking a venue for your wedding I recommend at least going to visit Chapel Hill!

Next week: Union Station and the Train Shed


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