Venue Highlight Series: Lanark Pavilion

Is your December as crazy as mine?  I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it…even though it can be exhausting.  I’ve made a conscious effort this year to simplify and focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  It has helped, but it still feels like this time of Christmas cheer is passing too quickly. Can’t believe that Christmas is next week!  And then New Year’s.  2013?  It can’t be here already!

Today I want to highlight a well kept secret.  I didn’t even KNOW about Lanark until a friend of mine was married there recently.  Tucked away in Millbrook–just minutes north of Montgomery is this gem of nuptial paradise.  The photos from this place are amazing and they were all taken by Gary Franklin Photography from Tuscaloosa.

I personally am drawn to simpler venues like this where the scenery decorates FOR you!  The garden wedding in these photos relates an intimate charm to your wedding guests that can’t be found just anywhere.  LOVE IT!

Love the casual feel of this wedding

Love the casual feel of this wedding

Check out this beautiful scenery!

Check out this beautiful scenery!

So here goes the list:


  • Beautiful scenery and property
  • The pavilion is easily decorated to have that vintage barn look to it which is oh so popular these days.
  • Plenty of room!  Capacity for the pavillion is 250+ and probably much more for the garden areas.
  • Choices!  I love venues like this that offer a backup plan for rain.  There are actually several different areas of the property that can be rented.  The Hill home seats 175+ in a reception style seating. The pavilion is a good backup for the ceremony in case of rain (not a hurricane obviously) but to cover for a light rain it is a good choice.  And some gardens to choose from.  Awesome…if you’re flexible.
  • Close to Montgomery!  Only 10 minutes away!
  • Affordable!  Prices are about to change next month so I don’t want to incorrectly quote, but depending on which buildings you are renting, I would say this is one of the cheapest venues I have ever seen.  Especially for what you get!
  • Restrooms (sometimes that can be an issue with outdoor venues)


  • Outdoor venues always carry the risk of rain.  I like that you have backup options here, but if you want security in knowing that you won’t be surprised by a shower the day of then don’t get married outside.
  • Nearest hotels are in montgomery.  Not a big deal most of the time.
  • Lanark is attrictive to me because of its natural beauty and simplicity, but if you are looking for a glamourous venue this probably isn’t it.  This limits its style to vintage, rustic, country.  Any extras have to have be brought in independently (rentals, music, catering).  But really…I have nothing bad to say about it.
    Garden setup

    Garden setup

    I’m not going to promise that there will be blog post next week…it is Christmas day after all.  But WHEN the next post comes it will be on The Waters Wedding Chapel and Boat House.  I’m excited!


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