Venue Highlight Series: Alley Station

Now I’m back from Thanksgiving and all geared up for Christmas!  This really is the most wonderful time of year!  There is just magic in the air.  Almost like that magic that surrounds you on your wedding day…even in the heat of summer it will feel like Christmas–trust me!

And maybe you could feel that magic in one of Montgomery’s most exquisite venues–Alley Station.

Rooftop Terrace

Rooftop Terrace

Alley Station boasts the only rooftop terrace in Montgomery.  PLUS you can rent the gorgeous ballroom below it.  It offers that chic city nightlife feel while remaining a calm and peaceful area for your celebration.  So here’s my take on this awesomeness:


  • This place has got some serious style.  I love the atmosphere.  Great view of downtown and old brick buildings around you (which I’m a sucker for).
  • Plenty of room–the rooftop holds 350 people and the ballroom has the same capacity.  This offers so much flexibility–get married on the rooftop and have the reception downstairs or vice versa.  You can do it all here and have plenty of room to spare!
  • Affordable!  Alley Station doesn’t post their rates on their web site so out of respect to them I won’t either, but let’s just say that for everything you get it is very reasonable!
  • There are no designated vendors so you can bring in pretty much whoever you want to run the show.
  • Alley Bar is located right behind the ballroom so if you don’t want to fork out dough for alcohol, send your guests downstairs!


  • I hate to even put anything in this column, but I must. Parking can be a beast in this area sometimes.  There is a parking garage across the street and parkingon the street is free on weekends and after 5 p.m. on weeknights, but still, Great Aunt Betty might have a time finding a place that’s close enough that she doesn’t have to walk far.  In this case a valet may be extremely useful.
  • With any outdoor venue you are at the mercy of the weather so if you choose to use Alley Station for both wedding and reception sites, you are running a risk.  A mild one–considering it’s Alabama, but a risk nonetheless.

I absolutely love this place!  It has a different feel to it than some of my other favorites that are usually in the neighborhood of vintage, country, Grand Old South.  But I have to say, this modern city-scape rooftop steals my heart everytime!

Coming up next week:  Lanark Pavillion


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