Venue Highlight Series: The Oaks

This is the first in a series of posts I plan to write weekly highlighting my favorite places to get married in Montgomery!  This city is full of so much personality!  There’s Native American history, Colonial, Civil War, Civil Rights, and Country music history saturating this place.  I love it!  Makes for unique and gorgeous weddings of all kinds!

Choosing a place to tie the knot is one of the most important decisions a bride will face.  WHERE you get married sets the tone for the rest of your wedding.  It has bearing on the wedding date, the style, the amount of guests you’ll have, what you’re pictures look like.  It’s not AS important as the person you say “I DO” to, but it ranks up there pretty high.  I’ve got ten venues I’ll be writing on so check back every week to read my reviews about them!

The Oaks Plantation–Pike Road, AL

I chose this one first because I love it.  I don’t even really know why.  It’s not condusive to all weddings, but it’s simple, yet grand features lend itself to a world of possibility!  Plus it has a touch of that old Southern Charm!

The Plantation is famous for its “Gone with the Wind” driveway known as “Avenue of the Oaks”.  Lined with massive Oaks on either side, you’ll think you stepped back in time!  Think horse and carriage and giant white dress!  The house itself is fairly simple.  Because it is divided into many smaller rooms (the largest being only 49’x33′), the house isn’t a great fit for a large wedding ceremony.  However, the back lawn is just perfect!  Therefore, the house is more commonly used for breathtaking receptions–sometimes splitting guests between the two largest rooms or utitlizing the parlors as well.  Wood floors run thoughout the house accompainied by gigantic windows!  Gor. Geous.

Jacky’s Pro’s List:

  • This house is gorgeous.  Duh.
  • Plenty of Parking space available
  • This venue is pretty afforable for what you get.  It is $3,300.00 for a weekend rental.
  • You get the property for an entire weekend.  That means a legit rehearsal the night before AND your awesome wedding planner (ahem) can use Sunday to clean up if she isn’t finished on Saturday.  Weekday weddings are up to half-price so if you’re budget is tight that’s quite a steal!
  • The rental includes a few tables and 100 inside only white chairs with the option to rent more chairs and a dance floor.
  • You can use the building for your bridal portriats free if you have booked the property.
  • Pictures and videos turn out amazing here–both inside and outside.  Picture perfect.

Jacky’s cons list:

  • The inside of the house isn’t conducive to a large wedding.  While the outdoor property is, if rain happens then…you’re guests have plenty of room to go inside, but they might not get to witness your union.  You could always get a last minute tent.
  • This venue is about 30 minutes from downtown Montgomery.  Not that bad really, but its not like there are hotels nearby.

So that’s what I’ve got this week.  Next week I’ll be blogging about Alley Station….


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